How it all started.....


As from a young age i always knew i wanted to do a job involving beauty. I didn't really enjoy school so i was very lucky when i started year 10 to be offered the opportunity to go to college 2 days a week and study either hair or beauty. I chose beauty. 2 years later i came to the end of secondary school and continued at college studying beauty therapy to then complete my Level 1,2, 3 and Business Study's.

Finding a job once leaving college was so hard as many salons wanted you to have 'salon experience'. So for 1 year i chose 4 salons over 4 areas and did 3 months in each salon voluntarily. Probably sounds like a crazy idea but it was the best thing i did. Gaining confidence with the public and realising beauty wasn't just this glamourous job, there is shed loads of cleaning too! To earn my keeping at home i got a job at a wedding venue helping to organise and assist the front of house in making sure the wedding ran smoothly - which i loved and kept some pocket money coming in!


After my year of voluntarily working in salons was up, I then decided to take the plunge and rent a room within a tanning salon in a town close by, it was very daunting at first but i was very lucky to join a great team to help me along. I started learning additional beauty treatments and had to go to many different training centre's across the UK to learn these. Slowly i needed more space and out grew this little room i was renting. I saw a job at a village locally to cover a maternity role and to remain self employed. It was a massive risk as it wasn't' permanent but I loved the salon and the team were also  great. I was fortunate to get the job. I started increasing my knowledge in other areas of the industry and worked with even bigger brands than before and was fortunate enough to go on some more fantastic training and gained so much more confidence within myself. I started building my own clientele base which have all continued to support me on my journey. So thankyou!!


In May 2014 i had a mad idea. I wanted my own business/salon. In The June myself and my sister Anesha (also a beauty therapist) started our own business together

The Beauty Rooms, which was based within a hair salon. Having no savings everything went onto our parents credit cards, so we couldn't pull out now. No longer were we just beauty therapists, we had  so much more to think about. I hadn't quiet geared myself up to all the paperwork and stress that came with running your own business but with time slowly we picked it up. We started investing in even more treatments, brands and machinery as well going to lots of seminars and workshops to improve our knowledge and keep up to date with the fast growing industry. I always had a passion for writing and took the opportunity to write for a luxury magazine for 2 years in the health & beauty section. As a few years past we started paying our debt off to our parents and we slowly started out growing our premises. By chance one day we saw a premises available near by that was empty. It wasn't the prettiest, it needed a lot of work, and not great location but we could see the protentional to make it our own.


4 weeks we had to turn a man cave into a beauty salon- it was maybe a bit unrealistic but we did it and in February 2019 The Beauty Rooms relocated to Feering, and that is where we currently are.

The one thing i have learnt along the way is, you can have and read all the books in the world, get as much advice, spend as much money on the best mentors but nothing will get you where you want to be and what you want to achieve if you do not put the effort in. Running a business is hard, especially starting from a young age, you cant be like your friends and hang out on a Saturday daytime or get drunk on Friday nights, or just call in sick, you have responsibilities now. When working in the beauty industry your life changes, its not like normal 9-5 jobs BUT that isn't a problem, and something not to put you off. If you have a passion and you want to succeed, you can do it. Not for anyone else but for you!!  I have made many sacrifices along the way, some that resulted in me loosing friendships, missing out on a lot of special events and party's but I look at it in one way - everything in life happens for reason and when you focus on you and your journey anything and anyone that is of any importance and is suppose to be apart of your life will find a way to stay and continue to grow and support you on your journey.


Nearly 6 years on and i cannot believe how much the business has grown and still growing!! I cannot thank everyone who has supported us over the years, it really does mean so much. The one other amazing thing about this industry is the friendships you gain along the way, clients don't remain clients they turn into friends and the laughs, tears and secrets we share with one and other are all so special.

I always thought having our own salon was impossible but when you focus on your dreams, put in the hard work you can get there.....