How to use The Ultimate Cleansing Pads

1. Wet the pad with warm water

2. Glide over the skin, do one side first to make it easier, making sure you get up to hairline, around and over the ear, under the jowl and down the neck. Repeat this untill you feel your skin is throughly clean

3. Then use the other side of the pad that hasn't been used and press onto your eye, slowly and gently gliding down the lashes removing mascara, debris and dirt then going to the outer of your eye and repeat.

4. Using the other end of the pad do the other eye

5. Once you feel both eyes are throughly clean then rinse pad and go over the whole face and eyes again

6. If you are now moving onto your cleanser then carry on. If you have now stopped and not using a cleanser you can now apply serums, moisturisers etc as you normally would